Sithand'izingane Care Project (SCP)

Sithand'izingane is a project with many volunteers, started by Dominican Sisters on May 22, 2000. In Geluksdal, not far from Johannesburg, they provide daycare for small children and after-school care. Nutritious and vitamin-rich meals are provided to these children and educational activities are also organized.

In addition, a group of women receive sewing lessons and education is given to combat illiteracy.
Hot meals are provided to needy children, five times a week in five places in two townships.

Every month, volunteers distribute emergency rations to distressed families. For this purpose, these families collect paper, plastic and metal waste, or work in vegetable gardens, also a project of the Dominican Sisters.

In 2009 and 2016, Hanni and Jos visited the Sithand'izingane Care Project.
Maarten & Jos
Maarten Bollen and Jos (2016)
In Sithand'Izingane realized projects:
2006 - financing driver licence for an orphan boy
2006 - purchase of school uniforms for 20 children from a high school
2006 - purchase of school uniforms for 97 children
2007 - payment of school fees for 3 girls
2008 - purchase of school uniforms for 405 children
2008 - coordination of a sewing project - financing Rotary Club Muscatine U.S.A.
2009 - purchase of 350 boooks in 4 languages for the start of a library
2009 - expansion / supplement school uniform project 2008
2010 + 2011 + 2012 + 2013 - financing university study Thandeka Nkabinde
2010 - purchase of a laptop for Thandeka Nkabinde
2012 - co financing Iveco passenger bus - main sponsor MIVA
2016 - purchase Chevrolet Utility 1,4 pick-up
The website of Sithand'Izingane is no longer online !