Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT)

PACT - recommended by Dance for All - was founded by Ingrid Wolfaarst ans assists projects with the following:
Administration - Project management - Funding - Financial management - Needs analysis - Collaborating with organizations that have a common interest to work together on a specific joint venture - Communication - Information - Sharing Networking.

The Prince Albert Community Trust’s board of Trustees is comprised of six dedicated trustees who serve on a voluntary basis. These volunteers are selected for their active participation. This board includes the mayor (ex officio).

Ingrid Wolfaardt is our contact person.

LINKthank you letter from Zwartberg High School (2019)

In Prince Albert realized projects:
2019 - the technical design of an interactive classroom for the Zwartberg High School
2019 - conversion of the Zwartberg High School library into multi-media room (computers sponsored by third parties)
2020 - support meal provision during the corona pandemic
2020 - IT setup of the POP Center (POP = Path Onto Prosperity) for the projects OOPKOP (after-school care) + KNIPOOG (youth team for media, marketing, journalism etc.)
2021 - purchase of 10 tablets and a Canon HD camcorder

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