Intabazwe Foundation:

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In The Netherlands Stichting Intabazwe is recognized as a public benefit organisation.
All our expenses are paid by the board members !
The board is not paid, receives no remuneration and also no reimbursements for costs incurred.

Our mission:

The misson of Stichting Intabazwe is to improve the quality of life for the poorest people in South Africa. The foundation has initially focused on children and youth.

Human Development in South Africa:
Intabazwe Foundation supports Dance for All in Athlone near Cape Town and the Prince Albert Community Trust in Prince Albert in the Eastern Cape.

The board:
Corry Beckers
 - Munstergeleen (The Netherlands)
Zef Jeurissen - Munstergeleen (The Netherlands)
Jos Palmen - Selfkant-Tüddern (Germany)

During a tour through South Africa in 2001 Hanni and Jos visit township of Intabazwe near Harrismith in Freestate. Muhle Joyce Mthembu - director from the Harrismith Marketing Bureau - shows Hanni and Jos around. As a result of being deeply touched by the human misery they observe, Hanni and Jos decide to help in some manner. Through further discussions with Joyce, they learn of a dilemma that exists in South Africa, which requires that all children must have a school uniform. But most families need every Rand to survive. These children are then stamped as inferior at school and in the community. Hanni and Jos decide to buy shoes and school jerseys for a number of needy children.

After returning home, Hanni and Jos begin efforts to create a mechanism that would expand donations to the children of Intabazwe. Stichting Intabazwe is founded on 16 Dec 2002 and registrated at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. 

platberg harrissmithThe name: Intabazwe is a Zulu-word that means 'flat mountain' or 'tablemountain'. Township Intabazwe lies on a flat mountain (42nd Hill) near the small town of Harrismith in the Eastern Freestate at the N3, the main road between Johannisburg and Durban. Stichting Intabazwe was founded as a result of our visit to that township, so the name Intabazwe was chosen for the foundation.