Zwartberg High School - purchase of equipment for an interactive classroom


In consultation with Ingrid Wolfaardt Stichting Intabazwe has paid for the equipment needed for an interactive classroom at the Zwartberg High School - Prince Albert. This included an Epson EB-U42 beamer, an Aver A50 document camera, a Legamaster interactive whiteboard system, a non-reflective whiteboard and manz asseccoiries. All this was supplied and installed bz Q3 IT Services CC from Cape Town.


The school is a "no fees" school, the parents have no money for that. As a result, the available resources of the school are extremely limited. This injection of resources has brought new hope and the children and staff are excited to use the new media room and classroom. 


The main building of the Zwartberg High School in Prince Albert dates from 1897. During aprtheid in South Africa this school had C-modus status (whites only), now it is 100% a school for disadvantaged children / youngsters from North End. The children also receive meals at school.


In 1972 - so at the time of Apartheid - the school celebrated its 75th anniversary. After Apartheid, the white pupils went to schoold further  afield ... but that's another story.